Here is a practical demonstration of the added value Cultiva Compost can bring to agricultural uses in the UAE. Already well established as a compost and top dressing in the landscaping and sports turf sectors, Cultiva is now being used by farmers, with dramatic initial results.

In a small but very professionally run farm in Al Ain, the grower is gradually replacing traditional cow manure as his organic fertiliser for many crops – bell peppers, tomatoes, maize and, in this case study, cucumber. By using Cultiva, he has seen his overall output rise by 15-20% but, additionally and very significantly, he has seen the proportion of ‘second grade’ cucumbers drop from the previous 25% to only 3% (first picture). With virtually no change in his input cost, he has added substantially to his bottom line. With the additional benefit of Cultiva being guaranteed weed free (due to our robust QA system using HACCP), this farmer has committed to using Cultiva.

In the second picture, the farmer holds what he calls the Holy Grail of the grower – with the plant under no stress to search for nutrition, Cultiva providing the slow release nutrients the plant requires as it needs it, the plant goes ahead and does its job of producing the perfect four cucumbers per node, all the same size.